Company Profile

‧Long Yu Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was established in the 1978, the original Longan forging plant specializing in hardware tools, ships and steam locomotive parts.

‧During the 1991, the company joined into high frequency heating furnace, and use the precision closed forging process, in shaping, manufacturing size difference and processing accuracy are more than normal requirement, this makes it possible to reduce. Omitted once or several times more than mechanical engineering, to save material costs and reduce processing time, to enhance customer competitiveness.

‧In order to provide customers better services and increase process capability, in 2001 to purchase large-scale mechanical forging machine.

‧In 2011, moved to the new plant covering 1,000 pings and passed ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

‧In 2016, an additional large-scale mechanical forging machine.

‧LongYu has a number of precision mechanical forging presses and equipment, combined with excellent technology and rich experience. To provide strict quality control system, in order to enhance the competitive advantage of our products, That’s our company of the goal of sustainable development.

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